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Top 5 Documentaries of 2015

Media Connex lists the most innovative and inspiring Documentaries of 2015.

Currently, there’s plenty of content about the psyche, and about nature. If you’re interested in learning about these subjects, but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve compiled a list of five documentaries that deliver novel perspectives about the natural and psychological environment.



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  1. A Virus Called Fear

Although all of us have our fair share of troubles, the most crippling obstacle that most of us may encounter is fear. As a universal emotion, fear may be an influential factor in our decisions, and may either drive us to better ourselves, or may disable our ability to move forward.

Ben Fama Jr.’s A Virus Called Fear illustrates how fear is conditioned, and what irrational fears may induce. Through this film, Fama demonstrates how fear may serve as a psychological deterrent, and how logical thought may be compromised once we dwell on apprehension.

Although fear is a universal emotion, hence has been explored many times before, Ben Fama Jr’s unique film highlights a side of fear that have not been explored. Not only does he speak about the psychological implications of fear, but he links his scientific theories to pertinent issues within contemporary society.

Ben Fama Jr’s powerful documentary highlights the most potent issues about this primal emotion. By delving into the points that he has highlighted, his viewers may be encouraged to dissect their own fears – be they logical or illogical – and may take constructing steps to overcome their trepidation.



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  1. Superhuman: Genius

Genius may be found in unexpected sources, and may thrive in the most unlikely environments.

Although mankind theorizes that genius may be found, we are still unsure about how it is generated and cultivated. Superhuman: Genius sheds some light on this unique form of intelligence, and delves into the minds of five brilliant individuals.

This documentary introduces its viewers to Akiane Kramarik, a 13-year-old who paints with the skill of a veteran ever since childhood; Ben Pridmore, a young man with an eidetic memory; Kim Peek, an individual who absorbs the majority of everything that he reads; Ariel Lanyi, a 10-year-old musical prodigy; and Ainan Cawley, a child who is exceptional in science.

This documentary was enlightening in its own way. It highlights potent concepts about the human mind, and how they can be utilized an individual’s advantage. Not only does Superhuman: Genius exhibit these individuals’ intelligence, but they also demonstrate how emotional, psychological and mental aptitude may be awoken within the common man.



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  1. A Climate of Change

Although there are several theories that explain our planet’s degradation, few are more potent than the threat of global warming. A Climate of Change documents the opinions of several veterans in the scientific field, and how they’ve debated against those who invalidate the severity of global warming.

This documentary gathers some of the brightest minds in environmental science; Dr. Kimberly Strong, a Professor Physics and the University of Toronto, and Dr. John Smol, Professor of Biology and Queen’s University, are just two of the names on this list.

The documentary highlights how scientists may measure gasses and other pollutants in the atmosphere in order to gauge the extent of ozone depletion. It has also highlighted how scientists may discover changes that have occurred in the Arctic, and demonstrates how rising sea levels, melting ice sheets and warming climates may harm our planet.

A Climate of Change reminds us that our planet is in danger, and global warming is not a threat to be taken lightly. Not only is the film riddled with scientific theory, and supports its claims with the use of visual data, but it also highlights pragmatic solutions that address global warming.



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  1. Disobedience

Many may insist that we are currently facing some of the most severe environmental impacts in human history. However, many may also neglect that climate change threatens communities as much as it endangers the environment.

In Disobedience, environmentalists highlight how the planet is threatened by devastating storms, oil spills, and rising temperatures. It discusses the viability of environmental policies, and whether or not governmental bodies are actively acting against climate change.

With the assistance of ardent activists, the filmmakers of Disobedience highlights how several communities fight for better standards of living, and how ‘civil disobedience’ may significantly influence environmental reform.

This was an enlightening documentary that demonstrates how communities have  he power to exercise change. Although Disobedience questioned the viability of existing policies, this film was not a blatant criticism of governmental strategies. Instead, Disobedience presented itself as a call to action.



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  1. The Antarctica Challenge

Bringing its viewers across Antarctica’s icy terrain, The Antarctica Challenge explores how ‘warming temperatures and rising sea levels’ are affecting this tundra, and how these issues are a veritable threat to the rest of the world.

This documentary sheds some light on Antarctica’s ecosystem, as well as the extended consequences of changes to its environment. In addition, the documentary draws attention to schemes – such as the Montreal Protocol – that man has implemented in hopes of addressing these environmental threats.

The film masterfully explains how Antarctica’s environmental changes cannot be isolated. Not only does the film highlight how this frozen continent is threatened, but it also illustrates how the consequences of its environmental degradation may be borne by the rest of the world.

Despite its bleak predictions, The Antarctica Challenge does not have an ominous conclusion. Instead, it highlights how mankind may take active steps to address these environmental challenges, and to save our planet.

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