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Kelvin Koh | CEO, Delta Duck Studios

Media Connex speaks to Kelvin Koh, the CEO of Delta Duck Studios, an upcoming game development studio that is currently based in Singapore.

The Gaming Industry, which is estimated to generate 26.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2016, has taken interactive platforms by storm. In collaboration to the Southeast Asian Audio-Visual Association, Media Connex speaks to Kelvin Koh, the CEO of Delta Duck Studios, an upcoming game development studio that is currently based in Singapore.


Image Source: Delta Duck Studios

Company Profile

According to Kelvin, Delta Duck Studio’s mission is to ‘create digital games that positively impact other people’s lives’. They have created games that are not only pure fun, but also explore alternative sectors (E.g. Education).


Past Projects

Delta Duck Studios’ games are different, as they intended to create ‘games that go beyond just entertainment.’ For instance, Chiro Heroes, Delta Duck Studio’s first game, teaches four-to-six year olds to write simplified Chinese characters.

Chiro Heroes is a collaboration between Delta Duck Studios and publisher Marshall Cavendish. Delta Duck Studios discovered that co-development partners were interested in their work, and that they could develop products that they were passionate about (specifically, games) while collaborating with other sectors beyond the game industry.

Delta Duck Studios founders initially met Marshall Cavendish through an internship, the Game Innovation Programme (GIP) organised by the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), in which one of their co-founders created a prototype of a physics puzzler game for them.

According to Kelvin, ‘After the internship, we explored opportunities to collaborate for another game and we started to conceptualise and eventually pitched Chiro Heroes to them and they liked it.’ Development took around four months. After completing it, Marshall Cavendish and Delta Duck Studios co-promoted Chiro Heroesin Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

What lies ahead for Chiro Heroes? ‘We hope to expand on it’, Kelvin explains. ‘We are looking for opportunities and partners to bring this game forward, exploring other languages and other areas of learning such as sentence construction, grammar, word recognition etc. Also, other markets to market Chiro Heroes to.’


PictureImage Source: Delta Duck Studios

Current Projects

After Chiro Heroes, Delta Duck Studios’ started developing their own IP, a mobile role-playing game calledMonster Chronicles.

Briefly, it is a game where players will go on an adventure and complete exciting quests to collect and evolve over 70 cute and cool monsters. They can engage with enemies in quick, turn-based battles, bash enemy monsters to knock them around, form skill combos by simply making Tic-Tac-Toe matches and execute other powerful skills to destroy them! Players can also engage in competitive play and choose to challenge their friends in the player versus player mode.

Kelvin describes it as a game that is ‘easy to learn but challenging to master’, catering to the mid to hard-core mobile gamer crowd. He reasons, ‘that has been our guiding design principle for developing mobile games. Mobile gamers enjoy simple game mechanics, like ‘matching’ but also want the challenge in terms of long term gameplay. We aim to provide strategic depth though our mechanic as well as the meta-game where people get to level up, create stronger monster parties and are motivated to engage in competitive gameplay.’

Regarding development and marketing Monster Chronicles, Kelvin explains, ‘’We are a seven-men team mainly focused on development, testing, as well as some marketing but we also understand that for mobile, it’s very competitive, and getting a publisher would accelerate our progress.’ Currently, they are looking for game publishers to bring the game to market in regions like ASEAN, China and Japan. Monster Chronicles is set to launch in the middle to third quarter this year.

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