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Fossil Free – Documentary Review

Media Connex reviews Fossil Free, in which a team of university students combats climate change by addressing giants in the financial sector.

Although many may regard the youth as entitled and ignorant, a team of young activists is proving these critics wrong. Whilst many university students are either preoccupied with their studies or social lives, these extraordinary youth are focusing on a greater cause – they intend to combat climate change by tackling the financial sector.

Fossil Free, a documentary that depicts their environmental efforts, explains how the students at Swathmore College, U.S.A. began an environmental movement that spread across the world. As of today, this movement is established in colleges throughout the United States and beyond.

Fossil Free narrates how ‘[these youth] target the financial sector and organize campaigns to urge pension funds, churches, universities and governments to withdraw their investment in oil, coal and gas producing companies.’

These youth have persuaded companies to discontinue their investments in Fossil Fuels. They have done so through organized demonstrations, and with their ‘in-depth knowledge about the financial market.’ Their efforts have convinced both local and international banks – such as HSBC Citibank and the regulating Bank of England – to withdraw their investments from such ventures.

As a member of Generation Y, a demographic that is criticized for its indifference, I’m thrilled to see the youth striving to make a change in our world. Although the youth should respect our predecessors’ environmental efforts, and we should heed their guidance, we cannot rely on our elders to sustain these movements alone. As long as we strive to bring their campaigns forward, we’ll bring our world one step closer to environmental recovery.

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