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Saving Sally – A MediaConnex Film Review

A film 10 years in the making proves “True Love Waits”.

There’s something to be said about gung-ho filmmakers who will stop at nothing to get their passion projects made. There’s even more to be said when said film turns out to be exceptionally fun to watch. Good thing director Avid Liongoren of the Philippines ploughed on, despite the setbacks, and made sure his film finally saw the light of cinematic day.

The beautifully rendered animation, the well cast actors, the clever tongue-in-cheek background art, even the special appearance of a much loved local campus character – all these things came together to make Saving Sally the strangely wonderful work of art that it is.

Saving Sally was one of the “Magic 8” films that made it to the newly-revamped Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2016 where it won Best Musical Score and the Children’s Choice Award. The film will be showcased very soon at the Fantasporto-Oporto International Film Festival at Portugal and the Osaka Asian Film Festival in Japan, among others.


A very typical love story.  

Saving Sally is simply that, a typical love story, but come to life in an animated world of it’s own that is a feast for the eyes, and accompanied by a score that is extremely noteworthy.

Boy and girl are best friends. Boy falls in love with girl. Girl falls in love with someone else. Cue the sound of collective sighs around the world. Tale as old as time. Nothing new there. But typical as it may seem, Saving Sally reminds you that sometimes, all it takes is a basic love story and two lovable, if slightly awkward, characters.

Rhian Ramos and Enzo Marcos do justice to the roles of Sally and Marty, respectively. Marty, a student with aspirations of becoming a comic book artist, is incredibly relatable, and his performance has the audience rooting for him from the get-go. Sally dabbles in the arts, makes kooky inventions, and likes to photograph people as they sleep. Despite having her own demons to contend with, she tries to live as normal a life she can with the time she is given with Marty.

The supporting cast are gems in their own right and not enough can be said for the understated and carefully considered treatment of each character.

One can certainly get swept away and let the imagination run riot in this fantastic world where it is perfectly normal to see non-human creatures walking the streets of the metro, where abusive parents are turned into monsters and, on a more hilarious note, an unlikeable character becomes a Cyclops closely resembling a phallus.

The titular character does eventually get saved, but not before both leads get the chance to grow up a little to understand that the even the best friendships unravel, but, as all true friendships go, find ways to reconnect in the end.

Watch this film. Your hardened, little soul needs this. Artists and art admirers alike will certainly enjoy the visuals. As a bonus, one may realize what is often so painfully obvious to the rest of the world – there may be a Marty in one’s life that one should be paying attention to. If, on the other hand, one is a Marty, it’ll give one cause to hope. And everybody could use a little hope these days.





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