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One Two Jaga

Malaysia’s Jazzy Group Taps Into One Two Jaga

Malaysian PR/Events company The Jazzy Group has joined the crime-thriller as co-producer alongside regional star Bront Palarae’s Pixel Play


The Jazzy Group headed up by its CEO Joanne Goh as a co-production and financing partner joins the picture, with the project now also having Adam Rahmat serving as an Executive Producer. Goh and her company previously ran the Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFEST) and Malaysia Golden Global Awards (MGGA) early this year.

Bront Palarae, one of the country’s leading stars and just coming off the shoot of Joko Anwar’s upcoming remake of classic Indonesian horror film, Pengabdi Setan, says that the co-production with The Jazzy Group allows him to “tell regionally themed stories that are not only unique for local and regional territories, but will surely also find an international audience”.

Goh agreed, “We were very excited about the trailer that was presented, it spoke to us, and Pixel Play had a clear direction as to where the film was going to go. Which is the reason why we would love to see that this collaboration goes beyond just co-producing this one film. Indeed, this is a long term collaboration”

The project comes with some pedigree, having Malaysian director Nam Ron leading the charge of the controversial but highly relevant film and also winning two prizes at the inaugural Southeast Asian Film Financing Project Market in Singapore back in 2015. It is about the crossing of paths between Malaysian cops on the immigration beat and a pair of Indonesian siblings without proper documentation looking for a way home. Malaysia’s Zahiril Adzim and Rosdeen Suboh will star, alongside Indonesian action heartthrob Ario Bayu.



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