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Andrew Chandra I Lead Programmer, Star Seeker Games

At Popcon Asia 2017, we talked to Star Seeker Games, one of the hottest new games start-ups in Indonesia.

With a population of more than 260 million people, and growing disposable incomes, the consumer market in Indonesia, especially for entertainment, is set for explosive growth. Despite the crowd around their booth, we managed to snatch an interview with Andrew Chandra, Lead Programmer of Star Seeker Games at Popcon Asia 2017.

Hi Andrew, it is great to meet you here at Popcon Asia. Please tell us about your exciting new start-up, Star Seeker Games?

I wouldn’t really call it a company since there’s currently only two of us and we’re not registered as a business firm yet. We call our group Star Seeker Games. The name describes our aspirations, in the things we want to achieve, and it also has a spiritual meaning, like the Magi who sought Jesus by following a star.

Shortly after I graduated with a design degree I got a job at a small games company in Jakarta. It was there that I met my partner Mouritz and half a year in, we felt like we could make something together on our own. That’s how we started Star Seeker around the third quarter of 2016.

In the short time since then, we’ve released two mobile arcade video games, but we actively strive and to create for other platforms and genres as well. After learning more about the local game development industry, my partner and I are imbued with greater confidence. We see our efficiency and pace in creating games as one of our competitive advantages.

I see that you have developed two games. Which is your personal favourite?

We have created two games, MIGHTY TORCH and CASTEE.

MIGHTY TORCH is a color-matching arcade with a mechanic’s theme. The character in our game, Tyna, wants to make a lot of electrical devices and she needs our help to give her the components she requires. MIGHTY TORCH is a high-paced game that isn’t really made for casual gamers. Its flashy effects and drawing style is aimed at people who like anime styles.

The second one, CASTEE, is a baseball themed game with a twist, where the player moves left and right, to try to prevent balls from passing. The complexity of this game increases in the higher levels where there are various pitch types… they can curve, spin, slow down, and there some other flashy pitches too.

Asking for a favorite is difficult for me since I thought of games that I’d really like to play before I create them. The market has favoured CASTEE so far. I think the reason is because casual players tend to be easier to reach with the mobile platform and they are a wider audience than hardcore players.

Have you made plans for your third game? Can you tell us about it?

We do have plans for a third game! A couple of months back we met a game company based in Jogjakarta called, Niji Games, at a Google seminar. After we talked they seemed interested to collaborate and develop a game together with us. They are more experienced and their game CUTE MUNCHIES has reached the featured list in both the App Store and Play Store. We’ll like to learn how they launch their games, and also the business side of doing what we love.

I’m afraid the concept of the game itself is still confidential, though it’s probably safe to mention that it will be a platformer mobile game with strong artistic styles. Let’s just say we want to make a game that allows the players think, without the pressure of time to make quick moves. It’ll be unlike our first two games.

What do you hope to achieve here in Popcon Asia?

There are many targets we hope to achieve here in Popcon Asia. Networking, learning the culture, seeing the standard of other developers, user testing of our games, letting people know we exist, receiving feedback from other developers, practice selling our own games, seek outsourcing options and many other things. However amongst those things, I think we really gained confidence and morale when we see people play our games. It felt really nice seeing them struggle enthusiastically to earn a score in our challenge so that they can win our merchandise. There isn’t much to be said about our merchandise, but yet they really seemed to enjoy the game once they’ve tried it out. We even had a few people who have downloaded our game, and continued to try to beat our challenge on their own device for about 2 hours while loitering around our booth.

Catch Star Seeker Games at Popcon Asia 2017, and have a go at their games!!

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