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BeachTV Expands in Philippines & Launches DJ-Search Format

BeachTV sets up joint venture in Philippines and launches new DJ reality series, Rave Wave to find aspiring DJs across Asia with sponsors and distribution attached

Singapore based lifestyle channel BeachTV scored two deals at the Media Investors Summit 2017 organised by the Southeast Asian Audio-Visual Association (SAAVA). The first is a joint venture with Philippines based M.D. Allego Music and Arts Production to set up BeachTV Philippines. The second deal sees BeachTV collaborating with AOS Collective and 108 Media to produce Rave Wave, a brand new music reality format that searches for the next DJ phenomenon.

BeachTV Philippines will be the channel’s second overseas subsidiary, following the launch of BeachTV Indonesia last year in 2016. Terence Kong, CEO of BeachTV elaborates, “Our goal is not merely to increase our audience reach by landing on more platforms worldwide, but also to grow our physical footprint by strategically setting up shop in more countries. Besides featuring beach related content, BeachTV is a total entertainment concept that leverages off the brand to create spinoffs like beach sports leagues, festivals, parties and merchandize. The new subsidiaries, especially in countries with the most beautiful beaches, enable us to produce more original content, and create new markets for our spinoffs too.”

Mel Allego, the CEO of M.D. Allego Music and Arts Production is excited about the new venture, “BeachTV has everything that appeals to millennials. It features beautiful people, exciting activities, aspirational lifestyles and sustainable causes, all set around the sun, sand and sea. The islands and beaches of Philippines have regularly ranked among the top in every survey on the best beaches in the world. There is so much potential, and we are proud to be a part of this incredible collaboration.”

Rave Wave is an exciting music reality format in search of the hottest DJs and the coolest music. The format brings aspiring DJs to a beachfront bootcamp, where they are trained in music, mixing and dance. Music celebrities make guest appearances to give tips to the DJs, increasing the glam factor of the series. In each episode, the DJs perform live at a beachfront club, and the weakest DJ gets eliminated. The final showdown between the two top DJs will be an exciting live event performed in front of thousands. The 3-year deal to produce 6 seasons of the series is estimated to be worth a total of USD 8 million.

Abhi Rastogi, CEO of international distribution outfit, 108 Media explains the global potential of the concept, “Music is a universal language, and Rave Wave, featuring music DJs at beach parties, lands in that perfect spot which appeals to both music lovers and fans of lifestyle programs. By structuring this series as a reality format, the narrative goes beyond merely playing great music. It explores the lives, hopes and dreams of these aspiring mixers of music, telling the story behind their sound.”

AOS Collective is founded by Andrew Teo, a top DJ and veteran of Singapore’s music scene. The company specializes in the organization of entertainment events with music as a focus. Andrew Teo elaborates, “This three-party partnership puts together all the most important pieces necessary to create a successful franchise. BeachTV’s compelling concept and production expertise, 108’s distribution network, and AOS Collective’s experience in music events create a powerful synergy that will attract music fans, party lovers, and top brands. We are proud to have the support of V-Moda, award winning specialist in the design and production of high-end mobile audio products like headphones and portable amplifiers.”

Following the launch of the franchise in Singapore, the programme will be produced in other countries in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand. The winners of each local edition will be brought together for top regional music festivals and competitions.

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