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Fashion Forward: Making a Multimedia Strategy

Multimedia Branding Strategy promotes Cultural Representation in Singapore’s Fashion Industry:

The Singapore Indian Model Agency (SIMA), which helms the SIMA TV channel and the SIMA magazine line, is one of Singapore’s premier modelling agencies and fashion providers.

Established in 2016, SIMA fosters cultural representation within Singapore’s fashion industry by empowering local Indian practitioners to pursue their aspirations. Their unique range of products and services is promoted through a comprehensive branding strategy, which combines their multimedia presentations with their live events.

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Image taken at SIMA Annual Showcase 2018

Multimedia Approach to Fashion-centric Branding

Unlike many contemporary fashion providers, SIMA’s value proposition lies in its original approach towards culture, tradition and diversity. With an emphasis on Indian representation, SIMA provides local Indian models with ample opportunities to promote themselves within local and international sectors. Furthermore, they encourage their designers to integrate traditional Indian elements within their outfits and accessories.

SIMA’s comprehensive digital branding strategy promotes their unique range of products and services. For instance, SIMA magazine, one of the organisation’s proprietary e-publications, includes information about its models, collections, annual showcases, discount cards and rates. Furthermore, SIMA ensures its digital publications are fully accessible—their e-publications may be downloaded over mobile phones and iPads, and are available to both local and international readers.

SIMA’s content is also exhibited over SIMA TV, a YouTube-licensed subsidiary channel that contains HD footage of its fashion shows, events, models’ interviews, proprietary films and live events. By showcasing quality content over a free and highly accessible social platform, SIMA’s online channel enables it to build a large online following.

Coupled with the extensive reach of its e-publications, SIMA’s multimedia channel attracts the sponsorship of several notable brands, collections and products. As a result of their strategic collaborations, SIMA’s audience is continuously provided with products and services that pertain to their needs, and their sponsors are given generous exposure over SIMA’s online platforms, as well as their annual fashion exhibitions.


Image taken at SIMA Annual Showcase 2018

Culture and Tradition in Contemporary Fashion Exhibitions

SIMA’s fashion showcases, which are held on an annual basis, are significant components of its branding strategy. These events exhibit innovative designs from a range of local designers, and feature regional superstars, such as veteran actress and model Gayathri Moorthi.

During their April 2018 showcase, SIMA’s models exhibited evening wear that was crafted from Indian saris, as well as contemporary outfits that integrated traditional Indian aspects into their designs. In order to generate additional interest for their apparel, SIMA’s annual showcase featured booths that exhibited their sponsors and partners’ unique creations.

SIMA’s exhibitions introduces the event’s attendees to their products and services, and enables them to acquire potential leads. Furthermore, these showcases reaffirm interest in SIMA’s brand by exhibiting their new assets, which were previously featured in their multimedia exhibitions, to their existing sponsors and followers.

By complementing their multimedia exhibitions with their annual showcases, SIMA promotes their offerings across online and offline platforms, and establishes themselves as a key player within Singapore’s fashion industry.

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