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South Korea, China and Vietnam Co-Produce 100 Days of Sunshine

Released on Apr 25, 2018 throughout Vietnam, the romantic drama is a tripartite production of South Korea’s Kross Pictures, China’s Ingame, and Vietnam’s Galaxy M&E.

Adapted from the 2012 Korean-language Never Ending Story, the Vietnam remake is titled 100 Days of Sunshine and looks at the romance of Anh Duong, a dynamic, modern and successful
girl as a famous V-Blogger with millions of followers and Nhat Minh, a care-free gamer, loser and a
burden to his younger brother’s family. Both are diagnosed with cancer and just have a few
months to live. Anh Duong desperately comes up with a plan to have Nhat Minh replace her real groom
and in return, Minh will receive payment to take care of his brother.

The remake is directed by Vu Ngoc Phuong is a young well – known director for his debut feature film 5 Steps of Love, which won 4 prizes at Golden Kite 2016 for Best Director, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress and Grand Silver Kite for Best Feature Film and the  Jury Award at Vietnam Film Festival 2017. He reteams with the producer on his last project, Hang Trinh, the general manager of Skyline Media.


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